Milan: Cathedral and Duomo's Terraces Entrance Ticket

USD 33



Unlock the secrets of Milan's iconic Duomo, where you'll discover hidden gems within its majestic terraces, stunning cathedral, and fascinating museum. Be mesmerized by the kaleidoscope of colors radiating from the magnificent stained glass windows. Your journey continues to the charming Church of St. Gottardo, nestled in the historic heart of Corte.

Unveil the essence of Milan with an exclusive ticket that grants you unrestricted access to the iconic Duomo, a 600-year-old cathedral that embodies the city's rich cultural heritage. Delve into the fascinating history of St. Ambrose and discover how this sacred monument played a pivotal role in shaping the city's spiritual and cultural landscape. Take in the breathtaking city vistas from the Duomo Terraces, crafted from the finest Candoglia marble. On crisp, sunny days, the breathtaking views stretch as far as the majestic Alps and Apennine Mountains. For added convenience, you have the option to take the elevator (subject to additional fee). As you explore the Duomo, marvel at the stunning 27 halls, adorned with intricate 14th-century tapestries, vivid stained glass windows, and exquisite sculptures. Your journey also takes you to the majestic Palazzo Reale, a testament to the city's glorious past.