Milan: Pizza and Gelato-Making Class

USD 108



Immerse yourself in the flavors of Italy with a fun-filled cooking class in the heart of Milan! Learn the art of crafting authentic Neapolitan-style pizzas and creamy gelatos, just like the locals do. From selecting the freshest ingredients to mastering traditional techniques, our expert chefs will guide you every step of the way.

Unlock the secrets of Italy's culinary masterpieces and dive into the art of crafting authentic Neapolitan-style pizza and decadent gelato. Meet your skilled pizzaiolo instructor, who will guide you through the process of creating a flawless, mouth-watering pizza. In a state-of-the-art cooking studio, your expert chef will demonstrate the art of crafting pliable, wafer-thin yeast dough, perfected through precise kneading techniques. Next, learn the art of preparing a zesty yet light tomato sauce to complement your masterpiece. Take a break from cooking and indulge in a selection of premium Diadema wines and olive oil, carefully curated to enhance your culinary experience. As you relax, discover the art of crafting authentic Italian gelato, from raw ingredients to the magical blending of rich chocolate and creamy textures. While the gelato churns, your chef will reveal the secrets of combining ingredients to create the perfect cone batter. Then, get hands-on and shape your dough, choosing your favorite toppings and seasonings before popping your culinary masterpiece into the oven. Savor the aromatic delight as your freshly baked pizza emerges from the oven. Take a seat, relax, and treat your taste buds to the fruits of your labor. As a finishing touch, receive a certificate of attendance and a comprehensive digital recipe booklet to recreate your culinary creations back home.