Milan: San Siro Stadium and Museum Tour

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Step into the inner sanctum of the stadium, typically off-limits to the public, and walk in the footsteps of football legends. This guided tour of the stadium and museum offers a unique perspective, granting you access to the very spaces where history was made.

Imagine living the dream and going behind the scenes of one of the world's most iconic stadiums. You'll experience the electric atmosphere of the sidelines and stands, where thousands of passionate fans gather on weekends. Delve into the inner sanctum of the locker rooms and the mixed zone, where the players prepare for battle. Walk in the footsteps of legends as you make your way through the tunnel of champions and onto the hallowed turf of La Scala del Calcio. Let our expert guides take you on a thrilling journey through the legendary San Siro Stadium, feeding your curiosity and fascination with the beautiful game. The San Siro Museum is the perfect starting point for this adventure, showcasing an impressive collection of jerseys worn by some of the greatest players to represent the Milanese teams. As you explore the stadium, you'll uncover the secrets of this iconic venue, from the locker rooms of AC Milan and Inter to the esteemed players' tunnel. Our guides will regale you with anecdotes, curiosities, and insider knowledge as you explore the stadium from the perspective of your football heroes. Capture unforgettable photos on the pitch, sidelines, and benches, and soak up the atmosphere from the grandstand, taking in the stunning views of the bowl. The tour culminates with a visit to the "Italia 110 & Lode" exhibition, dedicated to the rich history of the Italian National Football Team. Marvel at original memorabilia, including historic jerseys, pennants, and trophies from World Cup and European Championship victories.