Milan: Science and Technology Leonardo da Vinci Museum Entry

USD 11



Delve into the fascinating world of the Renaissance genius at the Science and Technology Museum, home to the most comprehensive and awe-inspiring permanent exhibition dedicated to the life and works of Leonardo da Vinci.

Step into a captivating historical hotspot in Milan and embark on a journey that spans centuries, from the past to the present and beyond. Tucked away within the serene surroundings of a Renaissance-era monastery, lies one of Europe's most esteemed science and technology museums. Here, you'll stumble upon an eclectic mix of artistic masterpieces, an extraordinary lunar fragment, vintage steam trains, and even a real submarine. Be sure to explore the New Galleries, boasting the world's largest permanent exhibit dedicated to the visionary Leonardo da Vinci. This extensive collection of 170 historic models, artworks, ancient manuscripts, and immersive displays offers an unparalleled glimpse into the life and works of this Renaissance genius, celebrated for his engineering prowess and humanist ideals. Prepare to be amazed by an array of extraordinary artifacts, including vintage steam trains, the sleek Luna Rossa AC72 catamaran, the majestic brigantine schooner Ebe, the historic Conte Biancamano transatlantic, and the Enrico Toti submarine. Venture into the space zone, where you can marvel at the only moon fragment on display in Italy, accompanied by the impressive Vega space launcher. Stay tuned for an ever-changing lineup of temporary exhibitions delving into the realms of energy, materials, communication, transportation, and particle physics.