Milan: Skip-the-Line Tour of the Rooftop of the Duomo

USD 48



See Milan from above on this skip-the-line tour that takes you up to the terraces of the Duomo. Enjoy the unforgettable experience of walking on the roof of the magnificent cathedral. Admire the views of the cathedral, Milan, and sometimes even the Alps!

The Duomo is one of the most iconic monuments of Milan, and is the third-largest Catholic cathedral in the world. Situated at the very heart of the city, the Duomo is 157 meters long and can accommodate 40,000 people. Your 1-hour tour begins in front of the main central gate of the cathedral where you’ll meet your guide. After a brief introduction to the cathedral and its history, you’ll skip the lines and head up to the Terraces of the Duomo. The elevator will take you up to the first terrace and from this point you’ll climb the last 50 steps to the highest terrace. With over 3,200 statues and 135 spires, the Duomo is definitely best seen from above! The views are magnificent and you’ll have the opportunity to see the pinnacles and sculptures from up close. Admire the skyline and your guide will point out landmarks and monuments you can see from the rooftop. You’ll even have views of the Alps on a clear day!