Ca 'Brutta

Via della Moscova, 12. (Open Map)


The Ca' Brutta is a residential building in Milan, in via Moscova at the corner of Piazza Stati Uniti d'America, and can be considered as a symbol of the Twenties-Thirties. It was named "brutta" ("not pretty") because of the negative impression that aroused at the time, caused by the use of quirky elements of the classical language .
It was the first work of the architect Giovanni Muzio, the most prestigious designer of the current of architects called "Novecento" ("Twentieth Century") in analogy with the contemporary art movement.
This particular building shows the interest of the architect to modernism and its close link with the metaphysical painters. It consists of two bodies, broken by a private road, which increases the internal views and connects the massive building to the urban context. The facade is divided into horizontal bands of which the lowest is formed by courses of travertine, the second is characterized by gray plaster lying "French" and the third, top, is covered with white marble, pink and black. You notice a wide use of classical elements, whose rigidity and symmetry, however, is dissolved in the arrangement of windows on Via Turati and other elements typically asymmetric. Also note the technical accuracy and attention to detail construction, which are typical of Muzio throughout his career.