Church of San Bartolomeo

Via della Moscova, 3. (Open Map)


The architect Maurizio Garavaglia designed the present structure in 1864, replacing a church from 1500s of the same name located a nearby site. An engraving of the former church by Marc'Antonio Dal Re exists. The prior church had an iconic painting of the Madonna del Buon Aiuto (Our Lady of Good Help), originally attributed to Lucas Cranach, donated by Countess Teresa Gordone Serbelloni when the Ottoman army was nearing the siege of Vienna. That church accumulated a number of tombs of the aristocracy. The church was the site of disturbances during riots occurring in 1848. That older church was demolished during urban renewal in the second half of the 19th century.
It contains a neoclassic Monument to Karl Joseph von Firmian, who was plenipotentiary of Austrian Lombardy. The tomb sculpted by Giuseppe Franchi; it was restored after removal by French troops during the Napoleonic occupation.