Messina Messe Depot

Via Messina, 39. (Open Map)


A fine example of industrial architecture, this depot dates back to 1912 and it is the oldest of its type in Milan. It has recently been refurbished, and it consists of a central structure in iron columns and girders which support a roof in tiles, with rooflights and glazing. It provides a total area of almost 30,000 square metres under cover.
The depot is the largest of transport company ATM's five tram depots.
About 420 people work here, amongst which 375 drivers on ten lines. In the morning, 106 trams leave the depot, the first at 3.53 in the morning.
The depot is home to some historic trams such as the “701,” one of the two trams of this type in existence still with its original interiors (others were converted into sand-sprinklers); the “1503” dating to the 1930s; the twin-axled “609;” the “1699” nicknamed the "tramito" (roughly “legendary tram); and the “1723”, which has been converted into a tourist tram with restaurant service.
The depot is near the Fabbrica del Vapore, another historic location in Milan's transport sector, an ex-locomotive factory that has been converted into an entertainments venue.