Guastalla Gardens

Via Francesco Sforza, 32. (Open Map)


Tulip trees and wild linden form the backdrop for the stone balustrade that surrounds the pond. Splendid in every detail, Parco Guastalla is ideal for lovers of the outdoors, perhaps for a jog, or a bike ride. The gardens have a playground for the enjoyment of children. Dogs are allowed, with their own dedicated fenced-in areas. The park, built long ago in 1555, was designed as an “Italian-style” garden and contains a wealth of architectural beauty. Capitalizing on the nature surrounding the baroque fish hall (Peschiera), a 17th-century aedicula contains a group in brick and stucco depicting “Magdalene witnessed by the Angels” and a small Neoclassical temple by Luigi Cagnola.
Don't miss the botanical tour organized by the Voluntary Ecological Rangers (Guardie Ecologiche Volontarie), including a free illustrated guide and signs to indicate the different trees and shrubs. The Catalpa (Catalpa bignonioides) is of particular note: with its massive twisted trunk and asymmetric crown, it almost has the appearance of a plant sculpture. A group of beech trees (Fagus sylvatica ‘Asplenifolia’) provides shade for the playground.