Museum of Cappuccini Cultural Heritage

Via Antonio Kramer, 5. (Open Map)


The Friars Minor Capuchin, who belong to a religious order which has been present in Lombardy since 1535, have won appreciation from the population for their work at the service of the people from day to day. In Milan in particular they have become something of an institution.The Friars, who are involved in charity and are also sensitive to expressions of beauty, have created a museum that presents predominantly religious works. The Order’s heritage is thus made available to all, reflecting the words of Friar Galdino in a famous quotation from author Alessandro Manzoni, “We are like the sea that receives influx from all around, and that distributes what it has received far and wide.” For this reason, admission to the museum is free of charge. Visitors who so wish can make a donation to support the Museum’s work.
One of the Museum’s collections is an iconographic study of Saint Francis of Assisi, founder of the Franciscan family to which the Friars Minor Capuchin belong. The Museum conserves works of considerable value, such as the Veil of Veronica by Guercino (early 17th century) and the Via Crucis (Stations of the Cross) by Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo (1749).