Viale Gorizia, 34. (Open Map)


When we talk about Milan's Navigli district we refer to the Darsena area, the port of Milan near Piazza XXIV Maggio and the streets along the Naviglio Grande that once linked Milan to Switzerland, plus, the Naviglio Pavese, which linked the city to Pavia.
Nowadays, this area is undergoing substantial renovation and is considered one of the most charming residential areas of the city. The refurbished characteristic ringhiera buildings (with railings) are much admired and reminiscent of Milan's historical past. The neighborhood is always buzzing: by day it is the location for many markets (on the last Sunday of each month the important antiques market is held there), art galleries and craft shops, at night it is illuminated by the lights of masses of bars and restaurants making it one of the most lively and attractive districts of the city.
In actual fact Milan's Navigli were designed as artificial navigable waterways used for irrigation and to transport people and goods. With the introduction of trams and trains as a means of transport during the twentieth century they were almost completely covered over.