Liberty Palace

Largo Marinai d'Italia. (Open Map)


This Liberty style Palazzina lies in the centre of the Largo Marinai d'Italia park. It is noted for its elegance and the gentle harmony of the opaque and transparent qualities that characterise the wide windows. The graceful building, embellished with ceramic decorations and floral patterns, is a location used for organising shows and cultural events.
Designed by the architect Migliorini in the Verziere, the original name for the premises of the fruit and vegetable market, it was used as a café and restaurant, a meeting and dealing place for the market merchants. After the market moved to its current premises in via Lombroso, it was left in an abandoned state until the Seventies when the actor Dario Fo and his company transformed it into a theatre.
In 1980, the municipal administration decided to restructure the building (the work finished in 1992) and to appoint it as premises for the Civica Orchestra di Fiati (Wind instruments) and for various cultural manifestations. In particular, the Palazzina hosts the musical seasons of Milano Classica, Rondò (Contemporary music concerts), Cantosospeso (Choral group). It is also the headquarters of the Casa della Poesia (Poetry circle).
From 1974-79 the Palazzina was the headquarters of the Dario Fo–Franca Rame theatrical company.
Since 1984 the Milan Classic Chamber Orchestra performs its season of concerts here.