Palazzo Belgioioso D'Este

Piazza Belgioioso, 2. (Open Map)


The elegance, rigor and “cleanness” of its forms are what makes this building one of the city’s architectural treasures. The work of Giuseppe Piermarini, Palazzo Belgioioso is considered one of the finest examples of Neoclassical architecture in Lombardy. For observant visitors and mere passers-by alike it has the appearance of a gemstone “set” into the center of Milan. The architect’s model was the Royal Palace of Caserta by Luigi Vanvitelli. The façade features a lower “rusticated” layer, a wall covering typical of Renaissance architecture, with two other storeys above it. Many of its details merit attention, such as the monumental staircase decorated with traditional chalice vases.
Alberico XII of Belgioioso d’Este, who commissioned the building, was an important book and art collector. He made this house into a cultural salon that was frequented by illustrious artists and writers of the time, such as Parini and Foscolo.
Don't miss the façade, with no fewer than 25 windows as well as door-windows with small balustrade balconies and splendid bas-reliefs. These original decorations were designed by Piermarini.On the main floor there is a chapel with a central-lobed plan.