Palazzo Moriggia - Museum of the Risorgimento

Via Borgonuovo, 23. (Open Map)


The objects in the museum illustrate the history of the “Risorgimento”, Italy’s struggle for independence. Battles, personalities and fashion from that historical period are brought to life in the 16 halls of Palazzo Moriggia, built in 1776 by Giuseppe Piermarini near the great building complex of Brera and itself evocative in its architectural structure alone.Exhibits include portraits of Garibaldi, Napoleon’s gown, and other Garibaldi relics (he was known as the “Hero of the Two Worlds”), such as a red shirt and his poncho.There are also medals, period prints, sculptures, all sorts of weapons, and books and archives dating back to the 18th century, fascinating for all those interested in the past.The Museum offers a multimedia hall, a conference hall and an educational section.