Business Square

Piazza degli Affari. (Open Map)


Located in the centre of Milan, in a service area of the city - not far from the Post Office headquarters - Piazza Affari is thesymbolic location of all financial activity in Milan.
From an architectural point of view, the current configurationis the result of the reconstruction of the historical centre, undergone during the fascist period. In 1927 the surveys commenced to obtain the rectangular shape of the square, with the demolition of the housing blocks of the old quarter.
Today the space is dominated by the Palazzo della Borsa (Stock Exchange) which houses the trading activities previously located in Piazza Cordusio. The building itself, also known as Palazzo Mezzanotte named after the architect who built it between 1929 and 1932, offers a monumental image inspired by classical Roman style. The front of the palazzo is 36 metres high, marked by four massive columns and decorated on the plinths and above the entablature with high-reliefs and statues depicting the allegories of the Four Elements.