Piazzale Luigi Cadorna

Piazzale Luigi Cadorna. (Open Map)


Piazzale Cadorna is a strategic location, a central node of the city, with the Ferrovie Nord railway station, two Metro lines, many tram and bus routes, and the rail links to Malpensa airport. The whole square, and the station itself, were completely refurbished to a design by Gae Aulenti in the years just after 2000, with extensive paving in pink granite, canopies supported by red columns, with green metal panels, glazed roofing, and a series of fountains. At the centre of the square there is a sculpture by Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen entitled Needle, Thread and Knot, also dating to about 2000: it is an original monument celebrating Milan’s vocation for enterprise and the fashion industry. The architecture, the sculpture, and the continuous flow of people make Piazzale Cadorna one of the most contemporary and dynamic locations in the city. The colours of the iron and steel, and the transparency of the glazed canopies and the water of the fountains, cannot fail to impress even the most distracted commuter.