Unicredit Tower

Viale Don Luigi Sturzo 47-33. (Open Map)


The Unicredit tower, which opened in December 2012, consists of three buildings arranged in a semicircle around the new Piazza Gae Aulenti. Each of these three buildings reaches dizzying heights, respectively, 231 metres with the imposing spire, 100 and 50 metres.
The skyscraper design was entrusted to the American studio Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects, but the interior decor is totally "Made in Italy".
For the first time in Italy during the construction phase the pilot project received the LEED Gold pre-certification from the U.S. Green Building Council that assures a significant reduction of energy consumption in the use of environmental resources compared to the standards required by current regulations. It is also important to emphasize the significant cost curb for the well-known bank which saw the number of buildings occupied by Unicredit fall from 26 to 5 and has amalgamated employees and offices. A project that focuses on quality, savings and, without doubt, the advancement of the city of Milan.Tower A is the tallest building in the complex. It reaches 231 metres thanks to its 80 metre high spire entirely covered with LEDs that can take on different colours depending on the occasion (for example the Italian flag). Inside this building there is a large elevator that reaches the top floor in just 40 seconds. Tower A (the highest) has 31floors, while the other two have 21 and 11 respectively.
Still on the subject of height - the main tower is estimated to be four times higher than the Tower of Pisa and twice the height of the Duomo. It is also visible from about 10 miles away: a true giant in the heart of Milan's economic hub.