Pustera di Sant'ambrogio

Piazza Sant'Ambrogio, 16. (Open Map)


Not far from the entrance of the Università Cattolica of Milan lies one of the most original monuments in Milan that stands out and draws the eye to a special piece of history. It is the Pusterla di Sant'Ambrogio in Milan, built in 1939 by Gino Chierici in imitation of an ancient defensive gate. It is - in essence - two towers and a double arched entrance for which were used the bricks from the original walls dating from medieval times.
Clearly visible, above the entrance, is the tabernacle depicting saints Ambrogio, Gervasio and Protasio.
Until a few years ago the monument was quite known in the city because one of the towers houses the permanent exhibition of Criminology and Ancient Arms. The building was known to the public mainly for the presence of medieval torture instruments. Besides these, the museum also showcased halberds, muskets, crossbows and ancient armour. The visitor was greeted by the soundtracks from Dario Argento's films that created a very special atmosphere inside the museum.