Arcimboldi Theater

Viale dell'Innovazione, 20. (Open Map)


The Arcimboldi represents the pulsating heart of the modern Bicocca quarter – well known as one of the cultural hubs of the city - it attracts public from all over the region thanks to its decentralised position and its wide-ranging choice of artistic options of music, dance and theatre. 
Set up by the Municipality of Milan in collaboration with Pirelli following a project designed by Studio Gregotti Associati International, the Arcimboldi in Milan is a unique structure due to its constructive, acoustic and visual features. The fan-shaped auditorium holds up to 2.400 spectators, distributed over a split level plateau and two rows of upper circles. 
The proscenium is identical to that of the La Scala, that had transferred its performances here during recent restructuring.
The TAM was the first theatre in Italy to be equipped with an individual multi language system of libretto-display for translating operas.