Torre Branca - Sempione Park

Torre Branca, Viale al Parco Luigi Camoens. (Open Map)


Torre Branca is a construction in steel tubing, located in Parco Sempione, Milan. It is the second highest structure in the city at 108.60 metres, lower than the Pirelli tower and slightly higher than the highest point of the Cathedral.
The lift inside the Tower makes it possible to go up to the viewing platform in just a minute. On clear days, from the platform (which is 18.50 metres in diameter) at the top, visitors can see the entire city of Milan, and further across the Po valley plain, to the Alps and the Apennines.
The tower was designed by Gio Ponti, and it opened in 1933, on occasion of the 5th Triennale exhibition. It was initially named “Torre Littoria” (indicating its Fascist connotations), and it is also known as Torre del Parco. Visits closed in 1972, and recommenced in 2002 following extensive refurbishment from 1997, supported by the company “Distilleria Fratelli Branca”, after which it is now named.
The hexagonal structure at 90 metres height has a diameter of over 5 metres.
Benito Mussolini decreed that the Tower should not exceed the height of the spire topped by the “Madonnina” (108.50 metres), because, as he said, “human exploits should not exceed the Divine”.