Torre Solaria

Viale della Liberazione 2-16. (Open Map)


Torre Solaria is one of the most important architectural works of the Porta Nuova project included in the business center of Milan. With its 143 meters is the tallest residential building in Milan.
The design of the tower Solaria has been developed by Studio Arquitectonica of Miami, while Dolce Vita Homes in partnership with Antonio Citterio, Patricia Viel & Partners and Coima Image made the project for common areas and interior.
The building is composed of three distinct wings, each with a different height, which converge in a central nucleus where natural light can come.
The tower is home to over 100 apartments as well as duplex and triplex (apartments on two or three floors). Each apartment is designed for maximum exposure to natural light and maximum functionality. Every room in the house overlooks large windows in each apartment and the living area is sharply divided from the sleeping area.
The terraces have been designed to be a continuation of the exterior and irregularly arranged so as to offer maximum privacy. Railings are made of glass etched with progressive transparency to ensure the safety and privacy but still leaving the opportunity to see the view. You can also have swimming pools and hot tubs.
The building is also equipped with multipurpose spaces reserved for residents and their guests: room for private parties, home theater room with a large screen, a billiard room, reading room, children's play area, an area for the practice of yoga, meeting rooms. Lifts have been designed with a technology that minimizes waiting times and accommodate up to 13 people.
The construction of the tower began in January 2010 with the excavation for the foundation. During the autumn and winter 2010 basements were completed. In March 2011, the tower exceeds the level of the road, after nearly a year of construction. In September 2011, the core grows and reaches the 9th floor as they become visible from the street , the three wings. In July 2012, the concrete core has reached the 29th floor (of 34 above the podium) and wings 24-25°. On 22 October 2012, the tower has reached the top , and with its 143 meters has become the tallest residential building in Italy.