Triennale of Milan

Viale Emilio Alemagna, 6. (Open Map)


The impressive Triennale was founded in the early 1930’s, inheriting the ambitious character of the Great Exhibition and, in over seventy years, has become a prominent location for contemporary design and culture. A well-constructed and multiform space dedicated to art and research together with artisan skills and industrial production; a venue where exhibitions, conventions, debates and architectural design, figurative art, communication and fashion events take place all year round.
The Triennale also offers areas for study and learning like the Bookstore and the Biblioteca del Progetto (Design library), the archive centre and library of the Touring Club Italiano and Material ConneXion (a global resource of new materials), plus, relaxing spaces like the Triennale Design Café and the outdoor Design Café in the leafy Sempione park. There are also offshoots of the Triennale: new design spaces like the Triennale Design Museum and a circuit of national and international exposition galleries like Triennale Off and Triennale Incheon.
The Triennale di Milano is a dynamic creative space in continuous transformation; a permanent channel of communication and dialogue for the development of both planned and creative thought.The Palazzo dell’Arte, site of the Triennale, was constructed according to the project of Gianni Muzio and inaugurated in 1933. The Palazzo also hosts the Teatro dell’Arte (Theatre of Art) that has always opened its curtains to important artistic companies. In the 1950s, many performances were recorded here and later broadcast on Radio Milano.“Triennale Off” is a brand applied to a circuit of exhibition premises all over Italy, which work in close cooperation with Milan’s Triennale. In addition, the Triennale hosts Material ConneXion, the most important centre for documentation and research on innovative materials, with offices in Bangkok, Köln, Milan and New York.